Vincenzo Vasi

Vincenzo Vasi, composer, singer and polyinstrumentalis publish Braccio Elettrico, the first chapter of a series of publications dedicated to the theremin, the instrument which makes Vasi known to the general public.

A compilation of pieces purpose composed for theremin. Some of them are created with the assistance of few and well-judjed instruments which help the unquestioned leader of Braccio Elettrico (voice, tape echo, looper, omnichord, magnetic microphones)
Original pieces composed for radio programs and stage shows, other pieces only for being performed by himself during his own performances and others for ensemble of theremins, improvisations and two cover versions: Halloween II by John Carpenter and Lil Darling by Neal Hefti/Count Basie .
A chance to listen to the best known theremin player in Italy and one of more interesting all over the world for his way to play, to perform, to join inspiration, talent for music and precision which are rare things for any musician which starts off with this particular instrument.
A travel into the ether and the deep space, towards unknown worlds where is really a pleasure to get lost.
Suggested for a Sunday walk on the moon.



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